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Cinderella Training Series 2014

(January 18 - March 29, 2014)

The FFBC Cinderella Training Series is an 11-week training program to be held from January 18 - March 29, 2014. The purpose of the training is to help women learn to ride a bicycle comfortably in a group setting, and develop the skills necessary to successfully complete a 100 kilometer (62 mile) ride. We plan the series to finish the week prior to The Valley Spokesmen's Cinderella Classic and Challenge Ride on Saturday, April 5, 2014, to enable riders to be prepared for this local, women's only event.

This year we've made some significant changes to the series which we hope will better align with the needs of our participants. We will have a Coaching Series, intended for new riders to help them learn the fundamentals of cycling, and a Conditioning Series, intended for riders who have already learned the fundamentals and who just want to have a fun group to ride with while training for a metric century. Both series will progress in distance and elevation over 11 weeks in preparation to complete metric century distance events, such as the Valley Spokesmen's Cinderella Classic or our own club ride, the Primavera Century. These two series will be offered on Saturdays. See the Training Series Descriptions for more information on each of the series offerings.

Interested in joining us for the 2014 Coaching Series?

Sorry, registration for the Coaching Series is now closed.

Interested in joining us for the 2014 Conditioning Series?

If you're planning on joining our Conditioning Series you do not need to register using, but you do need to be an FFBC member. Please see the Training Series Descriptions for more information.

Interested in buying some of our gorgeous cycling gear?

This year our beautiful Cinderella Training Jerseys will, once again, be available for purchase; they will be the same design as last year so if you missed out then be sure to purchase one this time around! We will also be offering a matching vest and arm warmers. Fit kits for the clothing will be available at the start and end of the first two training rides (Coaching and Conditioning series). The price for the jersey is a bargain at $34, the vest is $46, and the arm warmers are $15. In order to receive the clothing in time for the Cinderella Classic Ride all orders for clothing must be submitted to your ride leaders at the end of the second Cinderella training ride (on the 25th of January). Please make checks payable to FFBC and accompany your check with a clothing order form available online or from your friendly ride leader.

For questions about the series, or more information see the FAQ page.

Contact Information

For questions about the training series contact:

Vicki Timmons

If you are interested in participating as a ride leader contact:

Rochelle Kiner

Vanessa McDonnell